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About Us

At fit2date we know how important it is to be able to have a fun night out in a social, relaxed and safe environment. We understand how it works and we are committed to offering high quality speed dating, singles parties and other singles events. Our hosts know how to make each event an enjoyable experience for everyone who comes.

Whether you are an experienced speed-dater or are coming to an event for the first time, our events are designed to give you the best opportunity possible to meet people in your local area. They provide a chance to get to know some like-minded people and for those who are looking for a long-term partner, possibly to find the future love of your life!

By coming to a fit2date event, you will have a chance to meet up to twenty other singles in a single night, we won’t go beyond this as twenty dates is enough for anyone in one evening! By spending time with each of them in the safe and structured context of one of our events, you can find out about them all and then decide which you might like to get to know better. Your destiny is in your own hands as no personal information is given out by us. You decide whether you simply want to find like-minded people to socialize with and meet for fun nights out – or whether you are looking for love…

Now that you know us better, why wait.

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